singapore database

singapore database

         Singapore Email & Mail Database Marketing

           Do you find your company not getting enough customers?
           You can get highly targeted email and direct mail marketing lead at a very low cost to maximize your business capacity.
           Database marketing helps you to find your potential buyers at instant time with highest chance of success.
           As a result, you will get to introduce your products and services to your real potential and targeted market.
           Fide Consultant Group is a premier database marketing company with clients in Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and Canada.
           Fide provides all in one marketing need to you from designing marketing materials, marketing wording, printing, and distribution to your prospective clients.

Email Marketing
You can get a customized email database with over 150,000 up-to-date records for unlimited email marketing usage on your part. Not only that, we also help you to design appealing email marketing content and distribute on your behalf.
Database Services
Update your database records every year.

Direct Mail Marketing
You can get a customized direct mail database including address. Not only that, we also help you to design appealing mail marketing content, print, and distribute on your behalf.
Search Engine Optimization is one of your tool to rank on the Google's top page.


SMS Marketing
Almost everyone read their SMS. Your SMS marketing will be a successful one depending on how well you write and present your message across. We help you to pick right date and time, create a solid marketing message, and send on your behalf.

Search Engine Marketing is one of your way to get a customer from online.
Telephone Marketing
You can get a customized telephone database, talk to your targeted market directly through a phone call, and get instant answer. We help you to prepare marketing message on a paper and you can just speak up with confidence.
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